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My Support Team

Although I race as a single scull and all the focus on the day of a race is all on me and boat, there is a huge team of people who ensure I make it to the start line in the best possible form. I am just the representative of a huge team of people and without the input of everyone of those people have won the 2006 World Championships.

(More information will be added to that below follow shortly…)

Coaching staff - Tom and Mary

Tom is the lead coach for the Great Britain Adaptive Team. He leads and develops the elite adaptive programme with the rest of our support team. Tom and Mary write our training programmes, leads on our day to day coaching & analyse our weekly monitoring.


Physio - Mike

Mike is part of the English Institute of Sport and is head of our team physio care. I see Mike a couple of times a week and he ensures my body is standing the test of heavy training. Mike spends time with us looking at our movements both in and out of the boat and uses his expertise to ensure our bodies are ready to give the best performance. This year I have started doing pilates with Mike to try and help my core stability.


Strength & Conditioning Coach - Neil

A lot of this years winter programme has been in the gym. Neil sets each athlete with a tailor made programme. We started off doing a programme that was all Wheelchair based but now I have a programme that is mainly out of the chair… Much to Neils regret though when he has to lift me up onto the Bench Pull!!


Team Doctor - Lucy

Lucy is always there at the end of the phone if we want to ask her advice about something medical and the guru on what we can and can not take to ensure we do not break anti-doping drugs laws.


Guildford Rowing Club

Img 3511 200x200

My home club is Guildford Rowing Club (GRC). Guildford has a small stretch of river (River Wey) with lots of wildlife. GRC has been fantastic to me, all the members have supported me every step of the way in my rowing career. Many of the club were at the Worlds & after the World Championships the club held a welcome home party for both myself and Vicki (another member of the GB adaptive team). There are three main people who help me there with my training - Pete, Paul and Jeremy. They take time out of their training to get my boat out of the boat house and put me on the water.


My Friends and Family

My friends and family are all rock of support and my inspiration. As I spend so much time either training, at camps or at work I do not get to see them as much as I would like too. They all understand why and are 100% behind my racing aspirations. After the World Championships in 2006 they all are convinced that they have a tougher time watching me race than I do being in the race!!!!